August 20, 2021

Nug Magazine - Winter Sesh Dec 7th

Nug Magazine - Winter Sesh Dec 7th

Have you ever been sitting there on a Saturday with all your favorite people and thought, “There has to be someplace where you can go and play an arcade game or a round of beer pong (hold the beer please), with your friends and not have to deal with bad drunks or a buzzkill hangover. Well, if you haven’t heard, Secret Sesh is like a giant playground and shopping mall for cannabis enthusiasts; they prefer not to be called stoners, OK! Tim and the squad at Secret Sesh have you covered as they have literally thought of everything–water stations, plentiful parking, quick lines, and activities including various solo and team games, inflatable obstacle courses, a heated lounge, seminars, a toy drive, live art, glass art and more. Not to mention some of the hottest cannabis products and accessories available for those 21+. Secret Sesh definitely stands out in the cannabis event scene for their attendee focused business model, but they are not new on the scene. However, this will be their second legal sesh post-legalization.


Secret Sesh - Private Events - Members Only | File

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