November 11, 2021

Secret Sesh and Source Cannabis unite to deliver unforgettable Halloween experience at Wisdome LA

Secret Sesh and Source Cannabis unite to deliver unforgettable Halloween experience at Wisdome LA

Secret Sesh, a leading provider of cannabis industry consumer events in the United States, today announced that their recent October 23rd event safely hosted more than 1800 cannabis consumers and 20 brand partners at the Wisdome LA immersive art and dome park in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Featuring Source Cannabis as the presenting sponsor, Secret Sesh masterfully united with each participating brand sponsor to craft an unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience for attendees and VIPs.

“Source’s immersive activation was the spot to eat, dab, chill and meet the crew behind the magic. We really felt the energy from people interacting with the Source flower they have come to know and love, as well as experiencing our exclusive Live Rosin line, SourceX, for the first time,” said Source Cannabis CEO, Amjad Atari.

In addition to activations from Buddies Brand, Costa Cannabis, Papa and Barkley, Ra Brand, and The Cure Company, Secret Sesh also provided guests with the opportunity to meet Ember Valley, Punch Extracts, and West Coast Cure among others.

For Source Cannabis, an immersive lounge experience was created utilizing a customized two-story container. Transforming the shipping containers into a lush space complete with a 360-degree selfie station and digital art, Secret Sesh and Source also provided canna-infused mocktails from Healthy Creations and non-infused vegan tapas from Gracefull Vegan.

Interested in attending Secret Sesh?

The company is holding another unforgettable event at Wisdome LA on December 11, 2021.

Visit to sign up for a membership; VIP access is available.

About Source Cannabis: The co-founder and master growers at Source Cannabis were among the first indoor growers to be Clean Green Certified in California. Starting in 2003, they’ve committed to producing the purest, cleanest cannabis available, as close to “organic” as you can get. They continue to achieve this by growing with the principles of nature: in living soil and with all-natural fertilizers. Their North Star is instilling compassion into society through the unwavering quality of their offerings, service, and ethos.

About Secret Sesh LA: Secret Sesh is committed to not only providing a friendly place to enjoy cannabis culture, but also curating it with quality cannabis brands, games, activations, and delicious food trucks. What started as a passion project to host for local weed connoisseurs now stands proud, hosting events with the same level of care, but on a much larger, licensed, and professional scale.

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