October 3, 2021

Secret Sesh CEO Tim Brown Talks Private October Event at Wisdome la Featuring 20 of California’s Bes

Secret Sesh CEO Tim Brown Talks Private October Event at Wisdome la Featuring 20 of California’s Bes

None can refute cannabis’ power to bring people together. Granted, not everyone is a social smoker, but for those who are, there’s nothing better than a smoke #sesh with other like-minded people. The ability to gather stoners in a safe, friendly space to learn about and experience #cannabis is more than a virtue nowadays. Indeed, you’ll see a good handful of professional weed event hosts in Los Angeles, but none champion the gatherings curated by Secret Sesh.

In 2019, the last pre-pandemic Secret Sesh #event amassed nearly 10,000 attendees. What started essentially as private curated smoke sessions has snowballed year after year into one of #California’s biggest, realest, and most unforgettable weed festivals around. And after a year without live events, the Secret Sesh team is finally bringing the vibes back this October.

The Founder and CEO of Secret Sesh, Tim Brown, showed us how adapting and grabbing opportunities pushed him and his brand forward, even during a year without live events. He took some time last weekend to tell us about the Secret Sesh Return festival, as well as his grind hosting #private and public cannabis events.

On October 23rd, members are invited to #Wisdome LA for this monumental return of Secret Sesh. On top of tons of food #vendors and cannabis brand sponsors, Tim also told us about the interactive art exhibits his team will be able to pull off at Wisdome. This will be a sesh to remember, and you can hit the website link at the bottom of the article to get your Secret Sesh membership and learn more about the festivities.

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