October 3, 2021

Secret Sesh Los Angeles Announces Debut of Private Halloween Event at Wisdome LA

Secret Sesh Los Angeles Announces Debut of Private Halloween Event at Wisdome LA

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Secret Sesh, Southern California's original licensed private cannabis event coordinator, is pleased to announce the debut of their first private Halloween event set to take place in Los Angeles on October 23rd, 2021. This private Halloween event is their first Secret Sesh gathering since 2019 and will take place at the immersive music and art dome park, Wisdome LA, at 1147 Palmetto St. in Los Angeles.

Featuring 20 of California's best licensed and legal cannabis companies, Secret Sesh's Private Halloween event will provide an unforgettable experience with 20 brand activations and numerous art installations that have never been seen before.  

Every year, the Secret Sesh programmers present a diverse array of cannabis brands from around California. Working with established brands and curating bold new experiences, the result is a one-of-a-kind immersive art and live music experience where industry pros and music lovers can connect and discover an unparalleled range of cannabis and culture.

A few highlights from this first round of Secret Sesh Los Angeles announcements includes Alien Labs, Buddies Brand, The Cure Company, Ember Valley, NUG, STIIIZY, Punch Extracts, and other top California cannabis brands being confirmed as sponsors.

"It's almost an art experience first, with the essence of cannabis throughout. We want you to take home memories of this night that you'll still be talking about five years from now. That's the goal with this event at Wisdome, we want to give more than a regular weed experience," Secret Sesh CEO Tim Brown says.

To attend Secret Sesh's Private Halloween Event, guests must purchase a trial membership. This membership includes a one-day pass to Secret Sesh's October event, with an additional option for VIP access.

To get started, please visit https://secretsesh.com.

About Secret Sesh LA: For nearly a decade, Tim Brown and the Secret Sesh team made their name hosting private and (later) public recreational cannabis gatherings. What started at AirBnb rentals and friends' houses grew into mansion parties and eventually graduated to a night club and festival grounds.

Secret Sesh is committed to not only providing a friendly place to enjoy cannabis culture, but also curating it with quality cannabis brands, games, activations, and delicious food trucks. Over the years, attendance numbers climbed from just dozens to nearly 10,000 during 2019 events. What started as a passion project to host for local weed connoisseurs now stands proud, hosting events with the same level of care, but on a much larger, licensed, and professional scale.

Contact Information:
Joey Brabo
PR/Marketing @ Secret Sesh & Respect My Region
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Is this a cash only event or can I pay with a card too. It's my first time so I would like to know before I go

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