August 20, 2021

Secret Session: Social Smoke in California

Secret Session: Social Smoke in California

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In an age of dispensaries and cannabis collectives, there’s an element that’s been severely lacking – a place where smokers can all come together to have a burn or a dab and enjoy each others company, while celebrating the camaraderie of the cannabis community. Luckily, this has all changed with advent of the Secret Session.

Originally started in Los Angeles, the event has migrated north to include a session in the Bay Area with one of the largest collections of electronic nails, Peli cases filled with the headiest of glass and a group of patients with an exceptional love of cannabis-derived medicine.

The two founders of the event have past experience in the industry. Tim started working in the community by throwing sampling events, like wine tastings with a friend of his named @teamextendo at various L.A. dispensaries. These events would attract upwards of 30 patients and was the first time Tim saw the success of getting people together to try new products. After working at the Head Room gallery, a makeshift speakeasy in L.A., they encouraged patrons to B.Y.O.D. (bring your own dabs) and enjoy one of their rigs while also enjoying drink and the company of friends.

“When they closed their doors, it left a void for lots of patients wanting and needing a safe place to medicate,” Tim said. “It became my mission to provide that space.”

Adam Ill has been a host on BrealTV and has been an active promoter in the industry for a long time. When Tim and Adam met, they clicked instantly and the roots for the secret session began to further grow. Adam normally MC’s the event and he and Tim draw the crowd in around 10 for the big giveaways.

Their parties are noteworthy for the large amount of stuff they give away. In any given night they will give away several thousand dollars worth of shatter, edibles and all kinds of goodies. They also offer water and catering. They really take care of their patients and provide a safe and social environment for medicating and sharing tips, strains and hash. They’ve recently started offering free massages at their event in SoCal.

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3 comments on “Secret Session: Social Smoke in California”

  1. How can I find locations? I used to go to the one by del amo swap meet but there not here today 3/31/22

  2. used to be a place in canoga where I met with my buddies to have a nice time smoking and now dissapear !! does anyone know where are they now ?

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